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Interested in displaying your product, game or service?

The Commissioner of Tailgating Joe Cahn wants to provide you the fans with an opportunity to feature products on his site. Keep in mind we are family friendly so it is important that you refrain from featuring alcohol or questionable materials for display. 
*The Commish reserves the right to not place products he deems as inappropriate.

If you desire to gain exposure worth its weight in Gold then maybe you should share it on our site! Each submission will be reviewed first before they are placed once final payment is received!

Here is what we have to offer.

Website Exposure: $125

Exposure Tour: $500

In addition to the aforementioned ad if you want to gain even more exposure the Commish requests that you provide a FREE sample of your product to him. In doing so , Joe Cahn will work your product into his satellite media tour mix. This will include on air mentions, free product displays during his TV and radio appearances, and promotion of your item by none other than the Commissioner of tailgating.

Verification of his endorsement and use of your product will be provided. For more information contact us at products@tailgating.com

Happy Tailgating!

Tailgating Products

Metal is Back!

If you enjoy backyard games, here's a brand new game that is just for you. It's called 'Sticks and Stones'. Sometimes referred to as "The Black and Blue", Sticks and Stones uses steel and magnets for a game that is fun and addictive. AND it's extremely portable. You can play it almost anywhere!


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Tired of the same old tailgating gear you find at big box stores? If so, you should check out Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com carrying truly unique tailgating gear designed specifically for tailgating. From tow hitch accessories to tailgating games, Shop.TailgatingIdeas.com only carries products that have been personally tested by our editorial staff.