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Best Tailgating Experiences sent to us by Tailgaters across America

There are a million stories from the parking lot. We need yours. Here are some past tales from the parking lot, and we'd like to include yours. Remember to keep it family friendly.

The best experience I have had was in Richmond.,Va after labor day every year. We drive our RV and there is a community beside the Raceway and it is really cool. It’s like one big party , you can practically go from yard to yard and there are cars and trucks and RVs loaded with goodies. Outdoor grills , you don't need anything......crabs,ribs, burgers,fish, beer, more beer....and if you have a RV we all meet up on Savannah Ave......try and get there Thursday or early will not be disappointed. It’s sort of a quiet treasure but every year it has gotten bigger and bigger and the party goes on well into the night...from Rex and Kathy

It doesn't get any better than this. My cell phone rings, voice at the other end says "I'm looking for a party", It's the COMMISH (Joe Cahn). After sorting out directions to our tailgate, Joe comes over, shares some tenderloin of Patriot and a few good stories. My favorite most recent tailgating experience....Tom from Buffalo - GO BILLS!!!

Every year, the fellows and I trek down I-85S to Charlotte Motor Speedway. Towing a pop-up camper with a beat up blue 69 chevy and a scaffold on the back, we start off the weekend with a bang. In May, we smoked a whole hog, complete with the apple in it's mouth. All the intoxicated guys wore pig outfits (picture the hogettes in Washington) and passed out free plates of pork. There was music, good conversation (where ya'll from and who do ya'll pull for)? This has been going on for twenty years and we're still going strong. We love to meet people, so whenever you are at Charlotte and you camp out in the infield, look for the ol' blue 69 chevy with VA antique tags inside turn 2. And make sure you yell out 'Richard Petty'... I'll hear ya! ...from Stephen in Richmond, Virginia

Tailgating at Clemson is truly an unbelievable experience! The little town of approximately 16,000 suddenly starts filling up with 85,000 orange clad fans on fall Saturdays. I have seen RV's pulling into the lots as early as THURSDAY for a Saturday night game! As soon as you pull off the interstate (15 miles from campus) you see orange Tiger Paws painted on all roads leading to Clemson. Most fans start tailgating 4 to six hours before kickoff.....many others start much earlier. Orange is everywhere! Flags waving, grills cooking.... There is one guy who owns an antique fire truck that is painted all orange and decorated with paws. I have also seen an orange hearse with "Paw Bearer" painted on the side. A visit is never complete without a walk down to the famous Esso Club, an old gas station that is now a bar/hangout. After a day of tailgating, you then get the payoff.......The Tigers take busses from their locker room to The Hill at the other end of the stadium. The cannon fires....Tiger Rag can barely be heard over 85,000 screaming fans...and the team runs down The Hill for what has been called "The most exciting 25 seconds in college football"!

The best tailgating in the country, pro or not, is at the University of Mississippi, affectionately known as Ole Miss. The Grove, the main tailgating spot, has been recognized by Sports Illustrated as the single best tailgating place in the country. Hundreds of large tents, some even with chandeliers hanging from the tops, fill The Grove under huge oak trees, except for marked off walkways. The party starts early, sometimes as early as 7am for 11am games. The male students, dressed in their finest coat and tie, have a "date" they bring to The Grove each game. The players walk through The Grove on The Walk of Champions two hours before gametime. But, the band playing has to be one of the most incredible sights. Thousands of people(around 10,000 or more for big games) crowd as close as possible around The Pride of the South for the playing of fight songs such as Dixie and From Dixie with Love. I've been on both sides, in the band and a fan. As a fan, seeing and hearing thousands of people sing the Alma Mater with the band and From Dixie with Love is bone-chilling. As a band member, having thousands of people yell after every note that you play is the experience of a lifetime. There is no tailgating experience that can half-way compare to being in the Grove on Saturday afternoons...from Jason W. in Jackson, Mississippi

I'm surprised no one has mentioned tailgating at Auburn University. What others consider early tailgating (Friday or even Thursday) it starts at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday before the game when many RV's pull in. There are acres of free dry camping spots for RVs and by game time the place is awash in orange and blue. For the really big games, such as any SEC opponent, you almost have to be there Wednesday. There are other RV parking spaces nearer the stadium which can be reserved for the season, but they don't let RVs in until Friday. But the parties are in full blast by that time at the free RV lot near the Ham Wilson Arena. I remember most of the games. It is rare that all 86,000 (plus) seats are not full....Art E.

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